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We’re offering the freedom of renting, with the security of home ownership; live the way you want to, in a way that aligns with your values. Our model means that all the quality design and sustainable benchmarks you’d expect in a high-end property are met, without the unattainable price tag.

Who we are:

We’re building a sustainable, attainable, socially inclusive future. How? By kicking the usual short-term property development model to the curb, and looking at it through the lens of two challenges: housing affordability and the lack of choice for the everyday Australian. We’re taking some grim statistics, adding our extensive property, social impact and sustainability experience, and creating long term positive change where it’s desperately needed.

Inclusive and Attainable
A profit for purpose business creating attainable and socially inclusive communities.
Impact Housing
Projects will incorporate a targeted component of housing to create positive social impact.
Sustainable Principles
Sustainably designed and operated, targeting Net Zero by 2030.
Security and Flexibility
The freedom of renting, with the security and comfort of home ownership.

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